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How Does IPBan Pro Work?2020-10-11T11:31:00-06:00

IPBan Pro monitors log files and event viewer for failed logins. When a number of failed logins exceeds a threshold in a given time, the ip address for those failed logins is added to the firewall. All of this is done behind the scenes with minimal impact to your system resources.

IPBan Pro is highly configurable and you can control the thresholds for failed logins, time to ban, etc.

All failed logins and bands propagate automatically to all installed clients, rapidly blocking out attackers.

How do I Know if IPBan Pro is Working?2020-10-18T16:14:31-06:00

The IPBan Pro Web Admin Utility has a recent activity section that will show you failed logins, bans and successful logins. Once entries start showing up here, you know everything is working. You can even try to RDP or SSH into one of your boxes to see if you can get an entry to show up. Keep in mind that if you have whitelisted your own ip address, it will never show up as a failed login or ban.

For IPBan Pro Datacenter clients, you can view the machines tab in the web admin utility to see when the machine last pinged the web admin utility.

To view firewall rules on Windows, run

netsh wfp show filters "file=c:/filters.xml"; notepad "c:/filters.xml"

To view firewall rules on Linux, run

iptables -L; ipset -L
How do I add Custom Log Files?2020-10-18T14:52:04-06:00

The IPBan Pro Web Admin Utility makes it easy to add a custom log file. Open the ‘Settings’ tab in the web admin and then go to the log files section. You can add additional log file entries for Windows or Linux, specify a regex that will allow parsing your log file line by line and more.

The Windows event viewer can also be configured using the event viewer section.

For documentation on all configuration options, please see IPBan Help on github.

Can you Help with a Custom Integration?2020-10-11T11:37:05-06:00

Due to the large number of installs and customers, I am unable to provide more assistance than normal email conversations.

If you have custom integrations, configuration or installations that are beyond normal usage, I am happy to provide assistance on a per contract basis. Please contact [email protected] with your requirements.

I am Seeing Network Performance Issues on Windows…2020-10-20T11:57:17-06:00

By default, IPBan Pro uses Windows Filtering Platform which provides very good performance overall. However, if you have a lot of network traffic, are running torrents or other high traffic servers, even this can start to be a bottleneck. For these cases, you can enable a special WinDivert firewall. This provides maximum performance but requires running WinDivert in order to capture network packets and filter them directly in the IPBan Pro codebase.

To enable the WinDivert firewall, set the environment variable IPBanPro_Firewall to WinDivert and restart your client service. Many clients are using the WinDivert firewall and see no impact on network performance when using the recent and naughty list along with dozens of custom blacklist urls. This is even with hundreds of connections per second and saturated 1gb network links.

Learn more about WinDivert.

How is IPBan Pro Different from Competitors?2020-10-15T16:54:30-06:00

IPBan Pro differs from competitors in the following areas:

  • Price. IPBan Pro is the lowest priced offering available in the industry – but IPBan Pro is also tops in features and performance. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research.
  • Functions. IPBan Pro provides shared datacenter failed logins and bans. Few other products do this. IPBan Pro also offers shared lists for bans. Some competitors do this, but not with a two tiered list like our recent and naughty lists. The IPBan Pro Web Admin Utility is unique and allows you to monitor and configure your entire datacenter.
  • Support. I am here to help rid the world of hackers and botnets. Please let me know if you run into any issues or have questions and I will do my very best to provide personal support.
  • Platforms. Many competitor products only run on Windows. IPBan Pro runs on Ubuntu and Debian Linux as well.
  • Performance. IPBan Pro has been tuned for maximum performance. With direct Windows Filtering Platform integration, IPBan Pro will vastly outperform other products that are using Windows Firewall COM APIs.
  • Customization. IPBan Pro allows hooking into log files or Windows event viewer. No matter what software you use, if it writes to a log somewhere, IPBan Pro can monitor it.
  • Free Trial. IPBan Pro offers free trials so you can install the software, try it out, evaluate and decide if it will meet your needs. There is no risk or cost to try the software.
I Have a VPN, Why do I need IPBan Pro?2020-10-20T12:20:22-06:00

A VPN is a great way to secure your internal network for employees or specific clients who can authenticate to your network. There are cases where a VPN is not possible.

Examples are:
– RDP and SSH for dedicated servers from various hosting companies
– Email servers (SMTP)
– Public databases
– Anything else that can be accessed anonymously

With or without a VPN, IPBan Pro gives you the peace of mind and performance to secure your entire network. Just install it and rest easy 🙂

When Does the IPBan Pro Beta End?2020-10-12T08:00:55-06:00

The IPBan Pro beta ends midnight UTC on December 31, 2020. Your beta api keys will be valid until that time.

What’s the Difference Between Personal and Datacenter?2020-10-12T09:02:16-06:00

IPBan Pro Personal is meant for a personal computer or small number of computers. Datacenter edition is meant for large numbers of installs. Please see the IPBan Pro Product Comparison for more details.

How many API Keys do I Need?2020-10-15T21:23:43-06:00

You need 1 api key for every web admin utility installed. If you have 100 data center clients and 1 web admin utility linking them all together, you need 1 api key subscription.

Is there a Non-Subscription Product?2020-10-11T11:34:17-06:00

No. IPBan Pro requires time and resources to maintain and enhance, along with server resources to support the IPBan Pro API.

The pricing of IPBan Pro is lower than competitive offerings, especially when those offerings require a re-buy of new major versions.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions, feedback or need assistance with IPBan Pro in any way.

Here are some links to help you get going:

IPBan Pro Install Instructions
IPBan Pro Web Admin Overview
Recent Ban List Info
Naughty Ban List Info
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IPBan Pro Beta Note:

Although the paid version of IPBan Pro is now on sale, the IPBan Pro beta is extended until UTC midnight on December 31, 2020. This new expiration supersedes all previous beta license expiration agreements.

– Jeff


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