IPBan Pro pricing is very good compared to competitor offerings. Here is a detailed price comparison vs. similar products:

Pricing Comparison

IPBan Pro Syspeace Rdpguard
$29.00 / year
Bulk as low as $7.25 / year
$109.00 / year
Bulk as low as $89 / year
$79.95 initial
Bulk as low as $32 initial
$49.95 / year*

Protecting your computers should not cost a fortune. That is why IPBan Pro offers the lowest price in the industry while maintaining feature parity or better with competitors. With your annual subscription, you get regular updates and great customer support. With bulk pricing, the savings are even greater!

But that’s not the only benefit, IPBan Pro is also tops in performance and supported operating systems. If you’ve ever tried to manage thousands of blocked ip addresses with Windows firewall, you know what I’m talking about.

Platform Comparison

IPBan Pro Syspeace Rdpguard
Windows (WFP or Windivert)
Linux (IPTables)
Windows Firewall only Windows (WFP or Windows Firewall) only

Please visit the IPBan Pro shop if you are ready to make a purchase. You may also visit the IPBan Pro help page to get additional assistance.

* RdpGuard offers 1 year of support, updates and API usage upon purchase, along with a lifetime use of the version downloaded, along with bulk pricing with a max discount to $31.98. After 1 year, you must pay $49.95 every year you want updates, api usage or customer support of any kind. With IPBan Pro you always have the latest updates and world class customer support.
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