Eliminate Hackers, Botnets and Brute Force Login Attacks2022-05-16T16:26:15-06:00

Eliminate Hackers, Botnets and Brute Force Login Attacks

What is IPBan Pro?

IPBan Pro secures your entire data center from hack attempts. With a simple installer, you can have all your servers protected within minutes.

IPBan Pro creates a mesh of all your machines – an attacker of one machine is blocked from all machines

  • One click installer for easy setup

  • Failed logins and bans propagate to all machines in your datacenter, rapidly blocking out attackers

  • Central web admin to manage config and settings for all machines

  • Mass software update on all clients in one click

  • Notifications for bans, failed logins, successful logins and if one of your machines goes down

  • View bans by country, recent bans, recent failed logins and recent successful logins

  • Add allow lists so your personal ip addresses are never banned

  • Country block lists – Easily block out entire countries or only allow one country. List is updated daily automatically.

  • Web admin database can be sqlite, sql server, mysql or postgresql

  • Web admin can run behind IIS or nginx, or as a standalone service

  • Web admin can be locked down with a user/password

  • All products offer free trials to evaluate functionality


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IPBan Pro monitors failed logins for many different software by default. Others are easily added via configuration. Learn More about what IPBan Pro can do.

What People are Saying About IPBan

We have been using IPBan Pro Datacenter and IPBan Pro Web Admin for several years on our servers.
IPBan Pro has been a tremendous benefit to our overall security, providing centralized monitoring, auto blocking / banning, notifications, and a versatile administration interface.
Jeff at IPBan Pro has been extremely attentive and responsive to our questions and to our feature requests.
IPBan Pro provides a cost effective and flexible solution to secure your servers and infrastructure.

Scott, TimeSlice Technologies Corporation

IPBan Pro has been a great addition to our layered security defense on our public facing services.
Due to the nature of our business we require certain services to be public facing and are unable to restrict access behind VPN or other security services.
IPBan Pro gives us a tool to help defend against brute force attacks efficiently across all servers with a single management tool.
Unlike other free solutions, that are managed from a per server configuration file, we get a great web console where we can see activity from all servers, make global whitelist / blacklist changes and set configuration options.
This along with the blacklisting being an instant global change means attackers after hitting a single IP/Service are blocked from all other services/servers simultaneously.
IPBan Pro has helped protect our network and resources and is a great tool to add to our security layers.

Daryl, MyCreCloud


IPBan Pro 2.0.1 is Now Available

I've just released IPBan Pro 2.0.1 which contains minor updates and bug fixes, including adding an option to set the duplicate notification filter window.

Quick Update about Memory Leak

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IPBan Pro 2.0.0 Update

*UPDATE* 2.0.0 release is live! I am in the final stages of integration testing IPBan Pro 2.0.0 which is a major update. This has [...]

IPBan Pro API Swagger Documentation

I've added swagger documentation to the IPBan Pro API. You can view the documentation here: https://api.ipban.com/swagger. To use the recent or naughty list, you [...]

IPBan Pro 1.8.0 is Now Available

Hello Humans of Earth! IPBan Pro 1.8.0 is now available! In this release, I've done another pass at reducing memory allocations and I hope [...]

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