Personal Edition

  • Isolated singular installs on personal computer, dedicated server or VPS.
  • Web admin utility is bundled with the application.
  • The web admin utility is only accessible via localhost.

Datacenter Edition

  • Larger numbers of installs.
  • Separate web admin install acts as control center.
  • Failed logins and bans are shared among all clients.
  • Web admin manages settings for all clients.
  • Web admin can be locked down with a user/password.


  • Licensed for unlimited machines per business/entity.
  • Used to access global ban lists (recent and naughty).
  • Increased rate limit for IPBan Pro API.

IPBan Pro offers two versions of the software: Personal (single installs) and Datacenter (many installs, for data centers).

IPBan Pro Datacenter and IPBan Pro Personal need one license for each physical or virtual machine installed. Please purchase a subscription for every machine. If you have 10 machines running the datacenter client for example, you need 10 licenses.

IPBan Pro api keys are licensed for unlimited machines per business/entity. You do NOT need an api key per client installed for the datacenter or personal edition. For example, if you have 100 data center clients and 20 personal clients for your business, you still only need 1 api key subscription. If you own a second business, that business would need it’s own api key.

Please visit the IPBan Pro shop if you are ready to make a purchase. You may also visit the IPBan Pro help page to get additional assistance.

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