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Allows for a free 30 day trial of IPBan Pro Personal Edition.

IPBan Pro Personal protects your personal computer or dedicated server / vps from attack. The web admin utility is bundled right into the installer, making configuration and viewing attack data a snap. For large numbers of machines that need to share ban lists and have a central configuration, use IPBan Pro Datacenter instead.

Please refer to the install instructions for assistance installing.

Supported Windows firewalls:
– Windows Filtering Platform (default, excellent performance).
– WinDivert (maximum performance, but can cause issues with some software).

Supported Linux firewalls:
– iptables with ipset (default)

Supported operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2012 or newer (x86, x64).
  • Windows 8.1 or newer (x86, x64).
  • Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or newer (x64).
  • Linux Debian 7 or newer (x64).
  • Linux CentOS 6 or newer (x64).
  • Linux RedHat 6 or newer (x64).
  • Linux Fedora 24 or newer (x64).


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