For all IPBan Pro software, the first step is to unzip the files to a folder (the desktop is a great place). Once you do that, inside the extracted files is an install.bat (or for Linux) file. Double click this file and an interactive installer will run, guiding you through the setup process. On Linux, you may need to run chmod +x to allow the file to execute.

Web Admin Utility

When installing the web admin utility, ensure you enter a correct server url. If installing on Windows with IIS, your application pool and website will be created for you automatically. You can secure the install with a username and password, or leave that blank to allow anonymous access. As of version 1.4.0, the web admin will broadcast it’s availability to the local network so that datacenter clients can connect automatically.

Datacenter Edition

When you install the datacenter client software, you must enter the same server url you entered during the web admin install. If using a 1.4.0 or newer web admin utility, the data center installer will attempt to discover the server url automatically.

If you are cloning an installation to multiple machines, you must remove %windir%/ipbanpro_machine_guid.txt (/etc/ipbanpro_machine_guid.txt on Linux) on all clones and restart the IPBan Pro Datacenter client service.

Personal edition

For the personal edition, the web admin utility is not needed. You can access the personal edition configuration from http://localhost:52664. During the personal edition setup you can change this url if desired.


To update/upgrade, run the install file and select the update option.


To uninstall, run the install file and select the remove option.


For more advanced install, automation of large numbers of installs, etc. you can run the executable with a -help parameter to see full usage options.

For Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, you must disable NLA and NTLM in order to log failed login ip addresses over remote desktop properly. The installer will do this for you automatically if desired. Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 and newer do not have this issue.

Also on Windows, you can switch to WinDivert instead of Windows Filtering Platform firewall by running from an admin command prompt: SETX /M IPBanPro_Firewall WinDivert

Web Admin Utility Usage

The IPBan Pro Web Admin Utility allows configuring all IPBan settings and viewing reports and statistics about failed or successful logins, banned ip addresses, etc. The Web Admin Utility also maintains a connection to each IPBan Pro computer and allows sharing of banned ip addresses between all of the computers connected to the IPBan Pro web admin.

The Web Admin Utility provides tooltips on all labels explaining what each setting does. In addition, the IPBan Free version documentation is also highly relevant, as IPBan Pro is built on top of IPBan Free edition.

View IPBan Pro Web Admin Utility documentation

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