IPBan Pro global ban list pricing is very good compared to competitor offerings. Here is a detailed price comparison vs. similar products:

Pricing Comparison

IPBan Pro API Key Abuse Db
$99.00 / year* $228.00 – $1068.00 / year**

Protecting your computers should not cost a fortune. That is why IPBan Pro API key offers the lowest price in the industry while maintaining feature parity or better with competitors. With your annual subscription, you get regular updates and great customer support. When on sale, the savings are even greater!

Feature Comparison

IPBan Pro API Key Abuse Db
Unlimited ip addresses.
Unlimited checks.
Automatic integration.
Additional Lists.
100k – 500k max ip addresses.
10k – 50k checks / day.
Requires additional programming.

Please visit the IPBan Pro shop if you are ready to make a purchase. You may also visit the IPBan Pro help page to get additional assistance.

* IPBan Pro API Key allows programmatic download of entire list which can then be stored locally for maximum performance in filtering. When combined with IPBan Pro Personal or IPBan Pro Datacenter and IPBan Pro’s high performance firewalls, manual API checks become unnecessary.
** AbuseDb has a basic plan @ $228 / year and premium @ $1068 / year, vastly more expensive than IPBan Pro API lists @ 99$ / year. There is also a limited free plan with 1k checks / day and 10k max ip addresses, which does not address the problem of large botnets in my opinion.
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