IPBan Pro offers significant improvements over the free IPBan version, namely:

– Shared failed logins and bans. All your machines work together to instantly block attackers from your entire network.
– Common user names from multiple attackers aggregate to block all attackers of that user name.
– Auto whitelist successful login option.
– High performance Windows Filtering Platform or WinDivert firewall options. Handle a million ip addresses easily.
– GUI to configure all settings.
– GUI to monitor attacks, firewall packets and resource usage (CPU, RAM, DISK, etc.) for all your machines.
Country block functions, including invert option (allow only your selected countries, block everything else).
API key allows using naughty, recent and other lists for further up front protection.
– Console application installer with interactive or automated install modes.
– Fanatical customer support at no extra cost.
– Assistance integrating with additional event viewer or log files at no extra cost.

Use coupon code ipbangithub at checkout and get 25% off your order. Our way of saying thanks for using the free IPBan version.

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