“We have been using IPBan Pro Datacenter and IPBan Pro Web Admin for several years on our servers.
IPBan Pro has been a tremendous benefit to our overall security, providing centralized monitoring, auto blocking / banning, notifications, and a versatile administration interface.
Jeff at IPBan Pro has been extremely attentive and responsive to our questions and to our feature requests.
IPBan Pro provides a cost effective and flexible solution to secure your servers and infrastructure.”

Scott, TimeSlice Technologies Corporation

IPBan Pro has been a great addition to our layered security defense on our public facing services. Due to the nature of our business we require certain services to be public facing and are unable to restrict access behind VPN or other security services. IPBan Pro gives us a tool to help defend against brute force attacks efficiently across all servers with a single management tool. Unlike other free solutions, that are managed from a per server configuration file, we get a great web console where we can see activity from all servers, make global whitelist / blacklist changes and set configuration options. This along with the blacklisting being an instant global change means attackers after hitting a single IP/Service are blocked from all other services/servers simultaneously. IPBan Pro has helped protect our network and resources and is a great tool to add to our security layers.

Daryl, MyCreCloud

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