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According to a Comparitech Botnet Report, botnets grew 23% in Q4 2021. This is confirmed by a Spamhaus Botnet Report.

IPBan Pro has country blocking built in at no extra cost. According to Spamhaus, the most abused countries for botnets are:

As of 18 May 2022 the world’s worst botnet infected countries are:
1 China – Number of Bots: 765074
2 United States of America – Number of Bots: 468354
3 India – Number of Bots: 459967
4 Thailand – Number of Bots: 186660
5 Indonesia – Number of Bots: 166098
6 VietNam – Number of Bots: 161758
7 Algeria – Number of Bots: 153012
8 Brazil – Number of Bots: 104691
9 Pakistan – Number of Bots: 87197
10 Japan – Number of Bots: 83121

If you are using SMTP, especially Microsoft Exchange, IPBan Pro has you covered out of the box.

IPBan Pro is the best software on the planet to block hackers and botnets. With Windows and Linux protection, all your servers are covered.

IPBan Pro will protect your data center machines (dedicated, vps or cloud) from attack. Great for securing SSH, RDP, SMTP or any other system that allows a login or public access.

Your machines will work together to form a strong network with each other, sharing information and attacks to rapidly block out attackers from your entire network.

Using smart algorithms, IPBan Pro watches for common user names, ip addresses or other malicious behavior and rapidly blocks out attackers in the firewall. Notifications can be setup to get emails about these important events.

Buy IPBan Pro at 75% off
Start a 30 day free trial instead

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