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The base url for the web admin api is http(s)://yourwebadminserver/api/

Basic authentication is used with whatever user/password you’ve setup as the admin user. HTTPS is highly recommended.

Available in version 2.0.0:
– If you’ve locked down your web admin with a username and password, swagger documentation is available at /swagger. Please email [email protected] if you have additional questions.
– Web sockets can also be used to listen to firewall packets (if monitoring is enabled), along with system info for your machines. The path for web sockets is /performancecounter. There are three types of messages that can come through:

MonitorSystemData – contains system resource usage


MonitorFirewallData – contains real-time firewall packets that IPBan Pro is handling

'Protocol':0, // rfc 1700

MonitorCountryData – contains firewall packet counters aggregated by country

    blocks: blockCount,
    allows: allowCount
  // repeated for other countries, they all come in one message


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