IPBan Pro 1.5.1 just hit release. In this update, you will find range/cidr support in the datacenter client and personal edition when using the recent and naughty lists.

I’ve added the ability to send country block lists directly to the firewall of the clients. This is only supported on Windows clients currently. You can also specify a port range to allow, for example certain countries, unless port 80 or port 443 (http/https).

The default firewall is now Windows Filtering Platform. This was due to feedback from multiple people on edge cases where WinDivert would block RAS/NAT and other special software. This can be changed during the installer if desired back to WinDivert.

For the web admin, you can now right click failed logins and ban them manually if desired.

The notification template body can also include the source (i.e. rdp) by using {9} in the template.

I’ve also fixed a bug where notifications would sometimes not be sent.

Finally, an update available message will appear in the top left of the web admin if a new update is available, with a link to your downloads page.


– Jeff


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