The IPBan Pro Beta is Here!

I've spent the last few years working on IPBan Pro. I hope this can become a great solution into eliminating botnets, hackers and brute force attempts. I don't just want to annoy or deter, I want to completely stop the botnets and brute force attempts and put them out of business. I hope these bad people will realize the error of their ways and do something useful for Earth instead.

So thank you for being willing to try out this new software. I really hope that you enjoy using it, and please send me any questions, feedback or bug reports to [email protected]

IPBan Pro introduces new features above and beyond the free IPBan, namely:

  • IPBan Shield: recent list, naughty list and country block list, all update automatically and regularly.
  • Web admin utility and internal website GUI for easy configuration and administration. No more hand editing XML. All clients configured from one UI.
  • Dashboard of recent activity, failed logins, successful logins, etc.
  • List of all machines in a table, with last ping date/time.
  • One click installer, no more messing with Windows service or daemon files.
  • Shared ip address blocking with all clients in your data center.
  • Optional notifications via email for failed logins of known user names, blocked ip addresses and successful logins.
  • World class customer support.

The IPBan Pro Beta requires you to accept the IPBan Pro Beta License. If you do not agree to the license, please do not install or use the IPBan Pro Beta software.

IPBan Pro is only supported on Windows Server 2012 or newer, or Windows 8.1 or newer, or Ubuntu 18.04 or newer.

IPBan Pro Beta is free software. You can continue using the software until the license period expires, at which point it will be required to purchase a paid version of the software, or downgrade to the free IPBan software.

During the beta, the IPBan Pro documentation and website may refer to your account, number of allowed instances, etc. Please disregard these terms and requirements during the beta.

Download IPBan Pro Beta

IPBan Install Instructions

The IPBan beta install should work just like the final paid version, except that the file names will be suffixed with 'Beta'. Please note that IPBan Pro Personal has the web admin utility bundled, so you do NOT need to download or install that separately.

In the IPBan Pro web admin utility, you may use these beta public and private api keys to access the recent list, naughty list and country block functionality. The api key fields are located in the settings tab, IPBan Shield section.

BETA public api key:

BETA private api key:

Once the beta ends, these API keys will be deactivated.

Please note that I have made every effort to ensure this software works well. I have a lot of unit and integration tests, and I have done a lot of manual testing as well. But there could still be issues. If you have any concerns about the software, please don't run it on any mission critical computers.